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Evolutions in 3 Lessons

The video is a visual poem about the relations between man and animals and between man and himself. The first "Lesson" shows birds that can´t fly out of the Tower of London. The second part shows the extinct fuegian indians, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Some of them were catched by the Englishmen, when Darwin and his expedition were there in the XIXth century. The third part shows the sealions that still leave in this region. The video concerns the issues of colonization, animal rights and the concept of evolution.

The last minutes of a dragonfly.

How long can we quantify and measure the nature?


The video “Vigia” shows a dog trying to sleep, but also paying attention in everything that is passing around her. The video is almost a photo with subtle movements. The dog closes slowly his eyes and dreams with the eyes partially open. The video has just one take in real time, in that the action is developed very slowly. Instead of being a guard as the title of the video suggests, the dog appears very calm and sleepy and the observer should pay attention at small actions that are in general not perceived in daily life. 


The moon, the night, the swan and the loneliness. All these elements in a romantic and poetic tale.


It snows at night. The last people and cars in the street are going home. Just the traffic lights continue to flash. A video about the melancholic loneliness of Berlin’s night and about the flow of life.

In this videoinstallation, the images are projected in aquariums with water. The video shows the performance of Síssi Fonseca , based on the legends of Narcissus and Echo. There is also an electronic sound track specially composed by the artists for this video. 


To make this video the artist made a sculpture that represents the body of a woman an let if flows on the Spree River. The sculpture is free and lost in the wide river and nobody can stop its movement. The ideas of life and deathness and the impossibility to stop the time are showed through this poetic metaphor. The video was inspired at the character of Ophelia, from the piece “Hamlet” of Shakespeare. 

A european plantation is irrigated by waterspringers. The water is showed in abstract and mechanized way, but still poetic, like moving drawings of lighti in the space.


The video “Übergang” by Hugo Fortes was filmed at the underground of Berlin and shows the urban life and the passages and transformations, that we see every day in the great cities without to pay attention. Hugo Fortes filmed the reflections and distortions of the images at the windows of the underground in movement, so that we can see several layers of image that move in different directions. The people that appear in the film look like ghosts and one cannot perceive what is reality and what is pure virtuality.