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The most Performances were developed together with Síssi Fonseca

Presented at the exhibition "Hélio Oiticica: Museu é o Mundo" at Instituto Cultural Itaú, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010  
In this performance, Hugo Fortes and Síssi Fonseca interact with an installation by Hélio Oiticica. Each five minutes, when a clock rings, the performers change their places and their actions.They play with daily activities like brushing the teeth, making the bed, running and so on.

Tic Tac
Presented at the II International Biennial of Performance of Santiago, Chile, 2009.
The performance presents a reflection on time, daily life, intimacy, relationships between people and their pets.The artists begin the performance under sheets, which are afterwards hung on a line to serve as a projection screen. On the sheets are projected images of daily habits, like coffee with milk, making the bed and life with pets. Meanwhile, the performers sit under a reel that turns strings incessantly over their heads, like an hourglass. Finally, the artists gather the sheets, making a bundle, which is suspended like a pendle moved by them.

Vermelho na Vermelho
Presented in Verbo 2008 at Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil.
Conceived as a site-specific performance, the performance proposed an ironic reflection on aesthetics, and art market, in all its meanings and ambiguities. Hugo Fortes dyes in red Sissi Fonseca's hair. Meanwhile, Sissi read pop magazines and books of aesthetics and art criticism. The audience watches a projection of texts and images related to the color red and its highlights in the art (Red Shift of Cildo Meirelles / Atelier Matisse Red / Peasant Red Malevich, etc.). The performance plays with the dubious meanings of words like esthetics, salon (beauty and art), painting (all types), beauty, coloring, etc.. At the end, Sissi Fonseca washes her hair, draining red paint on their clothes and on the floor.

Carta Terrestre
Performatic Installation with earth, envelopes, archives, boxes, videoprojection and sound.
Presented in the Festival de La Tierra, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2007.
In this performatic installation the artist filled several envelopes and archives with earth, making a reflection about the artificial limits of territories due to political and geographic issues. The construction of the installation was made during a live performance. The artist read several letters from different countries and languages while working. The installation also generated  a series of photos and includes a video projection.


O que fica
Presented in Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo, Brazil, 2007
The artists Síssi Fonseca washes the floor of the venue with her own body and then lies nude in a box filled with liquid plaster and stays there until the plaster becomes hard. When she comes out of the plaster, her body form remains as empty space in it. The work is a discussion about what passes and what remains...