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Leito (Riverbed)
Installation with glass, water and digital drawings. . 2008, Exhibition "Wasser", Ponte Cultura, Nuremberg, Alemanha.
The installation was built with several aquariums, that were shown like a geometric river. The image of the digital drawings were mirrored by the water. The drawings represented artificial landscapes and architectonic forms, reminding the computer language and ilusory maps. The installation interacted with the already existing lines on the floor from an old industry in Nuremberg, Germany. 

Molhar Molière (Washing Molière)

Installation with Water, Glass, Books, Curtain, Birdfood and Clay. 2005
Presented in the Gallery Artcore, in Paris, France
This installation was created as a site-specific work for a building in Paris, where Molière lived. This work shows the relations between nature and culture. The books sink in water or “fly” on the wall and are not only symbols of culture, but also fragile material in transformation. There were several aquariums with water, clay and books installed in different places, including on the balcony and in the outdoor space of the building. On the aquarium in the balcony the artist placed bird food, so that the birds could eat part of the work.

Libélulas (Dragonflies)

Installation with  cooper threads, lead, aquariums, water and pigment. 2004. Schiller Pallais, Berlin, Germany.
In this work, Hugo Fortes used cooper threads and aquariums with water to express the lightness und fragility of the fly of dragonflies. The installation involves the whole space of the gallery and the observers must walk carefully through the room. The quick moment that the dragonflies touch the water is here like a metaphor of the fragile limits between space and objects, liberty and tension, sky and earth, life and death. The reflexions and distortions produced in the water contribute to an atmosphere of virtuality and transparency, incorporating the surrounding space.

Rivers Series

Onde (2006, Centro Cultural São Paulo)
Pirapora (2003, Memorial da América Latina)
Ribeirão (2003. MARP Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto)
Installations with aquariums, water, argil, pigment, boxes and parafin. From 2003 to 2006.
This series of installations, that Fortes has been building since 2003, are made with a great quantity of aquariums with earth, water in different levels, and other materials to build artificial “rivers” inside the institution. The contemporary rivers at the urban center are represented as architecture, the water is divided into boxes and cannot flow in its natural way. Ecological problems served as inspiration to these works. The series is a work in progress, incorporating different perceptions of different venues.

Os Olhos de Tia Maria (The eyes of Auntie Maria)
Installation with blasen glass, parafin, water, pigment and text.  2003, Centro Cultural São Paulo e SESC Araraquara.
This installation was conceived as a homage to the artist´s first art teacher, that died at 96.
The work intends to seduce the viewer, showing him the crystal and humid aspect of the eyes, through which the light flows and the tears drop. It is a work about the beauty of the eyes and of the vision.

Inventário de Horizontes (Inventory of Horizons)

Site-specific installation with water, glass, photos, parafin, pigment and text, 2003.
In these installation Hugo Fortes worked with aquariums in diferent shapes that made a relation to the architecture and change the visual and corporal perception of the observer. He created artificial horizonts through the different levels of water and through the transparency of the aquariums.  

Aquarium Series
Water, glass, argil, parafin and pigment. 2001
In this series of aquariums Hugo Fortes creates landscapes, in that the floatation and the passage of time are important characteristics. The organic forms made of parafin float on the water and give us an impression of lightness and elevation.

Buracos (Holes) 
Work made together with Christiane Alvarenga. 1999, Capela do Morumbi, São Paulo.
Installation with earth, glass, light and digital images.
This site-specific artwork establishes a dialog with the ruins of an old church. The holes of the architecture were repeated at the holes made at the lied earth on the floor, where one could visualise photos of the holes of the body. The glass plates were put in horizontal levels, creating a contrast with the disorganization of the earth. Matery and Spirituality, body and transcendence were the themes of this work.

Poço (Well)
Work awarded at the Prêmio Nascente 1998.
Installation with nylon canvas, rope, argil and resin.
Originally created for the Casa de Cultura de Santo Amaro, where there were a well in the past, this work joint sculptures that remind buckets that bring the imaterial memories from the bottom of the well.